Sacramento Boxing

Monday, February 06, 2006

Since 1992 Rocky R.Twitchell has taught Boxing since his retirement from the sport and currently studies many forms of Martial Arts. Since 2002 he has performed the art of Pencak Silat at the Annual Indonesian Day festival held in San Fransisco. He currently travels with various Indonesian groups performing Demo's of Pencak Silat.

Boxing is his Main focus and he currently has a small Boxing Team of both men and women. He is a Certified Boxing Coach with the ABF and holds Private Boxing lessons in Sacramento and Grass Valley , CA. Rocky can be reached at (916) 747-9441. Leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.

Rocky served as a Civilian in the 982nd Signal Battalion in Draper,Utah for over a year and supports the efforts of our soldiers at War. Show your support by donating to Special Operations Warrior Foundation for the fallen heroes and there familys. Also send Congress and your local Government letters of concern about Task Force 7, in Iraq, as they have been held in prison and offered no support for there efforts in the fight against Terrorism.
Remember our Heroes !!!
By Sifu Larry Hartsell